2018/19 League Entry

Please read the information below, and our draft Rules & Regulations, before completing the online form to enter your team into our 2018/19 junior and senior leagues and competitions.

click here to access the online entry form


  1. One form per team
  2. You cannot save the form to complete later, so please ensure you have all the information you need before beginning the process
  3. The form only asks for the minimum amount of information we need to process your application
  4. Submitting your application(s) does not guarantee your entry is accepted by BasketballSUSSEX. Clubs will be emailed to confirm receipt of their application(s), with confirmation of acceptance emailed to clubs once the Management Committee have had an opportunity to review all applications and formulate a draft competition structure for the 2018/19 season. A meeting with junior clubs will be held early September (TBC Wednesday 5th 6.30pm at Brighton University Sports Centre, Falmer) to finalise junior competitions.

If you have any questions relating to your entry, please email our League Administrator at

Additional Notes & Frequently Asked Questions

Proposed 2018/19 schedule...

- League entry deadline – end of July, Midnight Tuesday 31/7
- Fixtures published – September, Sunday 23/9
- Entry fee Invoice paid by Clubs – End of September, Midnight Sunday 30/9
- League start – October, Monday 1/10
- League end – April, Midnight Sunday 28/4 (31 weeks, less holiday periods)
- Playoff/Cup Semi-finals - Monday 29/4 to Sunday 12/5 (2 weeks)
- Finals – third weekend in May, Saturday 18/5 & Sunday 19/5
- AGM - Wednesday 10 July 2019

Player age range for competitions...

New and amended rules have been introduced for the 2018/19 season covering the ages that players can be to compete at different age groups (play up/down). Please ensure to familiarise yourself with BSX rule 4 before entering age group teams or registering players.

Entry fees remain unchanged for the 8th year in a row...

- £90 Senior team, £40 subsequent team(s)
- £50 Junior team, £35 subsequent team(s)

Entry fees per club will be emailed to club Treasurer | Finance Officers in September for payment by midnight on Sunday 30 September 2018. Failure to pay by this deadline may incur a £20 per team late entry fee (BSX rule 2.2), and/or result in your application not being accepted.

Goodwill Deposits (BSX rule 3)...

Clubs are responsible for ensuring they have paid any outstanding fines or Goodwill Deposits. Failure to pay may result in your application not being accepted. Any questions relating to this should be sent to our Treasurer.


New regulations have been introduced requiring clubs to provide BasketballSUSSEX with the following contacts:

- Club: Chair | Head Coach, Secretary | Administrator, Treasurer | Finance Officer
- Team: Coach, Team Manager
- Officials: Referees, Table Officials

Failure to provide these may deem a club liable for the appropriate administration fine (BSX rule 17.7). We have had to introduce these rules to ensure we adhere to recent changes in data protection law (GDPR). For your information, citing data protection, Basketball England have refused to provide BasketballSUSSEX with a list of registered Referees & Table Officials in Sussex; we therefore need to maintain our own records to ensure we can process game reports and disciplinary matters, which also includes disciplinary procedures against officials if necessary. This greatly increases our workload and governance responsibilities.

Fixtures (matches)...

Draft fixtures will be produced for publication as per the above schedule. It is the home teams responsibility to manage their fixtures using the League Republic service on our website, or their mobile app. Please ensure you familiarise yourself with our rules relating to postponed or forfeit games (BSX rule 8).

Referee & Table Officials...

The home team is responsible for the appropriate appointment of both Referees and both Table Officials for every game (BSX rules 11 & 12. BasketballSUSSEX will only be appointing officials for our Finals event in May 2019.

We are awaiting updated guidance from Basketball England regarding the payment of electronic vs cash fees and expenses to officials at games. We will communicate to clubs once we know more.

A new online form will be provided for clubs and observers to provide feedback on the performance of match officials (Referees, Table Officials). This will form part of a new officiating Technical Development Plan. The online form will be available for the start of the season in October.

Game Day procedures...

BasketballSUSSEX rules do not require games to be confirmed. Teams are expected to meet fixture commitments as recorded on our League Republic website (BSX rule 8).

Venue and court facilities should be suitable for the game being played, taking into account the safety of the participants at all times (BSX rule 10.1). Court dimensions should ideally meet Basketball England National League standards, with end line run-off space of a suitably safe distance (for players and Referees). BasketballSUSSEX reserves the right to withdraw a venue from our competitions if we determine the facility to be unsafe.

Home teams shall provide a minimum of 2 hours court availability time. This is to provide an actual warm up time of 10 minutes (minimum), half-time of 5 minutes (minimum), and a period of overtime should it be required (BSX rule 10.4). Half time duration to be agreed before the game tips as part of the pre-game conversation between officials and coaches.

To help improve standards in our competitions, an A4 laminated document will be provided to clubs (1 per team) that must be available on the Table at all games. It will include useful information and reminders to aid officials and teams in the performance of their game duties. It is not a replacement for the rules and regulations, but an aid to assist. Failure to provide this on the Table may result in a fine (BSX rules 12.1 & 17.7).

Match reports...

A new online form will be provided for anyone to formally report game issues, disciplinary incidents, or other matter that they wish to bring to the attention of BasketballSUSSEX. Failure to report an issue may be considered a disciplinary matter against a club or official.


The process for registering coaches, players, team managers/followers, and officials is provided by Basketball England. We will publish our local league procedures once they have been made available to us. Licence costs are set by Basketball England, with BasketballSUSSEX receiving £0 (zero) income from those already registered at National League (NBL) level. Payments for local league BasketballSUSSEX registrations must be made electronically to BasketballSUSSEX. Any questions relating to this should be sent to our Registrations Officer.

Page last updated: 09/07/18

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