The information and guidance provided on this page must be read in conjunction with our Rules & Regulations (handbook).

Everyone who plays, coaches, or helps manage a team (Club Administrator, Team Manager, follower) in any BasketballSUSSEX league or competitions must be registered and hold a valid BasketballSUSSEX provided registration card. Your licence, thus insurance, is provided by Basketball England using their online system with payments made to BasketballSUSSEX.

Registration runs from 1 September to 31 August the following year. At the current time, Basketball England insurance certificates run April to March.

Clubs wishing to also register NBL (National Basketball League) players and coaches should refer to the Basketball England website (resources page). Details of how to notify BasketballSUSSEX of existing NBL registrations is given below.

Referees & Table Officials must also register, either with Basketball England or BasketballSUSSEX directly or via a Club. You must be qualified to register as a Referee or Table Official. All officials refereeing or tabling any BasketballSUSSEX league or competition game must have their contact details recorded with BasketballSUSSEX prior to officiating any game.

If you have any questions regarding our registration and licence process, please contact our Registrations Officer.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q How do I make a payment to BasketballSUSSEX?
A Online banking payments should be made to Sort Code: 40-24-33 | Account Number: 61293176 with the payment reference being the registration form # number / Club name. Licences will not be issued unless payment has been received in full. Apologies but we can no longer accept cheques.

Q  How do I register a National League player or coach to play in BasketballSUSSEX competitions?
A  All players and coaches must be issued with a BasketballSUSSEX registration card to enable them to compete in our local league competitions.
If you have already registered at National League level and made payment to Basketball England, please fill in our form (spreadsheet) for all registered National League players, coaches, team followers and forward to our Registrations Officers who will then allocate BasketballSUSSEX licences to enable the players to play in the local league.

link to spreadsheet "Form to Register NL with BasketballSUSSEX" (.xls)

Q  Do I need to assign players to a team when the club has multiple teams and what is the process?
A  Clubs with multiple teams in the league, need to assign players to a team and the Registrar is to be sent a list of the players names who have been allocated to play for each team.  Any new players joining the club during the season would need to be assigned to a team and notification must be sent to the Registrar. Once a player is assigned to a team then they must play for that team in that club or follow Rule 6 of the BSX Rules & Regulations to transfer into another team.  A fee will be applicable for transfers.

Q  How can I find my insurance certificate?
A To view or print your Club insurance certificate you will need to login to your club through the membership system, and then in the top right-hand corner of the “basic information” page, click on “print club insurance”.

Q Do Referees and Table Officials have to be registered to officiate a game?
A Yes, all match officials must be registered with Basketball England or BasketballSUSSEX before officiating any game. Anyone refereeing or tabling a BasketballSUSSEX game must have their contact details recorded with BasketballSUSSEX prior to the game.

Q Do Coaches need to have a safeguarding qualification and valid DBS? 
A To license as a Coach with BE working with anyone aged 18 or under in regulated activity in a supervisory role, at any level, must hold a current, clear enhanced DBS which has been carried out within the last three years. In addition to this all coaches must have a current safeguarding certificate. You will need to supply these documents as evidence to BE directly or via our Registrations Officer who will forward to BE for their records. You will be unable to register until this has been done. Further information is available on the Basketball England website "DBS Checks".

Q Do Coaches need to be First Aid trained and do they need to take an in-depth course?
A Coaches need to be First Aid trained but they just need to have a basic first aid qualification, although they can take a more in-depth course if they want to but it is not a requirement for registration.

Page last updated: 06/09/18

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